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Make decisions based on focused, relevant financial information

While you have probably learned far more about business than you ever envisioned when you started your dental practice, it’s still hard to know which numbers are most critical for you to watch. Even if you happened to be a financial expert, every industry—and even every business—has unique financial and operational metrics that are the key indicators of “smooth sailing” or “trouble ahead.”

At PBA, we have the deep industry experience to understand the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are most relevant to the dental industry. We closely work with our clients to understand their unique business opportunities and challenges, so we fine tune the go-to dental analytics to match the goals of your dental practice.

Dental practice analytics shine a light on problem areas…and opportunities

As your dental practice grows and matures, you need deeper insight into operations. Financial reporting should go beyond a simple balance sheet and income statement. You need to understand which services are most profitable, how your practice compares to others, and where improvements are needed. At PBA, we understand how to deliver crucial information that is easy-to-understand and actionable.

Relevant dental KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Your reporting should be designed to monitor both financial and operational performance metrics. Relevant indicators—like Production to Dentist, Production to Hygienist, Production to Operatory Chair, Production to Net Collections Ratio—provide information you can act on to improve your practice.

Monitor with dental practice dashboards

Financial and operational information can be presented in dashboards to provide an easy-to-understand snapshot of the practice. Dashboards delivered to your computer allow you to monitor operations when it is convenient for you.

Dental practice analytics

The requirements and goals for each dental practice are unique. Financial professionals who understand the dental industry can help you identify the most important metrics that fit your business and will help you monitor the progress toward your goals.

Financial analysis industry comparison

Seeing how your dental practice compares to others is always eye-opening. Using industry metrics to benchmark your dental practice performance helps you to identify areas that you can realistically improve. And, established benchmarks help you focus efforts on measurable targets and track progress against specific goals.

Our Practice Financial Check-Up will score your practice in different financial areas, show how you compare with other practices and provide recommendations for areas of improvement.

Transform Your Practice, Simplify Your Life™

Most general accounting firms simply don’t understand the complexities and intricacies of dental accounting. At PBA, we understand the challenges—from specializations to accounting standards to financial and staff resources—facing dental practices. We help you transform your practice and simplify your life.

Business Partnership

We will work with you to strategize growth, comply with industry standards, and identify ways to achieve a competitive edge.

Meaningful Metrics

We will recommend industry-specific metrics and benchmarks to monitor financial and operational efficiency.

Proactive Insight

Instead of reports long after the month is over, we deliver insight throughout the month, with dashboards to highlight key metrics.

Industry Perspective

We will provide you with a comprehensive report comparing the performance metrics of your dental practice with others like it. The report helps to identify functional areas that need improvement as well as processes that are serving you well.

Rapid ROI

The strategies, systems, and efficiencies we apply more than offset our costs. The investment in your practice will deliver real returns.

Simply your life

We take the burden of accounting and financial management off of your shoulders to allow you to focus on your practice.

Let’s get started with a thorough assessment to build your detailed report on risks, metrics, and how-to guidance.




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