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Virtual CFO

As a Virtual CFO, PBA supports your day-to-day accounting activities and provides strategic financial management guidance to improve cash control and operational efficiency for your dental, medical or veterinary practice.

Spend more time on your practice without the headaches of day-to-day accounting

PBA’s Virtual CFO services allow you to focus on the most important functions of your practice. We handle the  time-consuming, administrative burdens of accounting and financial management so your doctors, practice managers and employees can focus on delivering the highest quality patient services.

Inefficient, uncontrolled accounting processes are frustrating for everyone involved

Outdated and cumbersome accounting systems force reception personnel to spend too much time manually entering data. Patients have to fill out forms every time they come in for an appointment. And, office personnel waste valuable time matching invoices, following up on receivables and tracking down errors.

Through PBA’s Virtual CFO services, we will help you improve accounting processes and cash control with modern, integrated systems that support better practice management with:

Cohesive, automated accounting processes and systems analysis that improve administrative efficiency

Concise, up-to-date financial reporting plus regular meetings to monitor practice financial performance

Provide comprehensive cash flow management services including budgeting and forecasting

Weekly updates

Financial and operational information presented through dashboards and virtual meetings give you current, consistent insight into the performance of your practice. With easy-to-understand dashboards, updated weekly, you can monitor cash flow and track budget performance.

Navigating and managing business relationships takes time away from the practice

Your practice doesn’t work in a vacuum. The network of financial relationships, from bankers to tax accountants, require preparation and follow ups that take up your valuable time.

Our Virtual CFO services take over the burden of managing the practice’s network of financial relationships, including:

Compensation, benefits and payroll oversight with Human Resource consultants

Annual employee census and other informational reporting for retirement plan administrators

Financial reporting for tax agencies, banks and others

Coordination with tax accountants and auditors

Our Practice Financial Check-Up will score your practice in different financial areas, show how you compare with other practices and provide recommendations for areas of improvement.

Improve profitability and grow your dental, medical or veterinary practice with better financial insight through analytics

Receive deep insights and fresh perspectives from an experienced financial professional through PBA’s Virtual CFO services. We gather, analyze and report on your practice’s financial performance, with comparisons to your industry’s standards, to help guide strategic direction.

Financial expertise to help you achieve long-term practice goals

Your practice doesn’t stand still. The growth of your practice can take multiple forms, from adding new offices to acquisitions.  We provide financial expertise to help you set and achieve long-term practice goals through:

Regular review of financial matters to guide the business proactively

Strategic planning for the practice, including financial analysis and technology evaluation

Continuity to reduce the impact of key employee turnover

Monitor relevant Metrics

Through dashboards and reporting, PBA’s Virtual CFO services provides the financial and operational performance metrics that allow you to take a proactive approach to your practice. Relevant productivity, costs and other indicators provide information you can act on to improve profitability.

Insight and perspective, monitoring industry standard financial metrics

To understand your practice’s performance, it’s helpful to know where you stand in comparison to others. PBA’s Virtual CFOs have deep industry experience gained through working with dental, medical and veterinary practices like yours. Our team of financial professionals provide insight and perspective to:

Monitor practice results and progress based on key financial metrics

Identify potential areas for operational improvement based on industry benchmarks

Provide best practice guidance on business processes

Goal-oriented analytics

The requirements and goals for each dental, medical and veterinary practice are unique. Our financial professionals will help you identify the most important metrics that fit your business. And, we will help you monitor the progress toward your goals.

Let’s get started with a thorough assessment to build your detailed report on risks, metrics, and how-to guidance.




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